Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jean From WIP to Finished Portrait

This is the photo I used to paint my friend Jean. After drawing out Jean's features I then drew over them in watercolour paint. I wasn't sure what colours to use at this point I but I knew I wanted purple to feature in it.

I started applying purple in a diagonal direction to give it movement. The purple wasn't too heavy as I wasn't sure how it would look. The skin colour was done by applying light diluted yellows, browns and red. 

Red and blue always goes well with purple so I added some here in the background. I thought she was looking pretty good here but soon after I felt like I was losing control of the painting.

At this point I was thinking it was going to be a failed attempt and I'd need to start over. My drawing that I used to get her likeness wasn't accurate enough so it didn't really look like her here.

A bit of  redrawing was needed to make her look more like herself. This is what she looked like before I added the black and white pens.

Overall I'm happy with it. Really happy actually, especially since halfway through I wasn't sure if I'd finish it. Hope ye like it.